“A growing economy wherein enterprises thrive”


To lead, coordinate, support, implement and champion inclusive economic growth for the people of the North West Province through:

  • Economic Planning and Development
  • Enterprise Development, and
  • Effective Regulatory Services


The following values, derived from the Constitution, underpin the activities of the Department of Economy and Enterprise Development


  • Fairness, in that the Department will at all times act in a fair manner towards executing its responsibilities.
  • Equity, as the Department is committed to treating all clients and employees equitably in all respects.
  • Accessibility, in that the Department will remain accessible to its stakeholders and role players in the course of executing its responsibilities.
  • Transparency, in that the Department undertakes to be transparent in the conduct of its core business.
  • Accountability, in that the Department will at all times take full accountability for its business actions and decisions.
  • Participation in that the Department will continue to participate fully in all areas of its responsibility to satisfy the needs of our clients and stakeholders
  • Good governance, to which the Department will always strive to adhere to at all times.





  • The Constitution of South Africa, 1996
  • The RDP White Paper;
  • The National GEAR Strategy;
  • The Consumer Affairs Practices (Harmful Business Practices) Act 4 of 1996;
  • Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008
  • National Credit Act 34 of 2005
  • Liquor Act, 1989;
  • The North West Gambling Act of 2002;
  • The Public Service Act, 1994;
  • The Public Finance Management Act, 2000;
  • The Public Service Regulations, 2001;
  • The White Paper on transformation of the Public Service Delivery (Batho Pele) 1997;
  • The Promotion of Access to Information Act 2 of 2000;
  • The Cooperatives Act (2005)
  • The National Spatial Development Perspectives (NSDP)
  • Small Business Act, 1995 (currently under review)
  • Provincial SMME strategy
  • North West Provincial Growth and Development Strategy (2004-2014),
  • North West Spatial Development Initiatives Strategy,
  • Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act,
  • Rural Development Strategy including Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Strategy,
  • Urban Renewal Strategy,
  • Macro-Economic Reform Strategy,
  • Integrated Manufacturing Strategy,
  • Cooperatives Amendment Act of 2013
  • Co-Operatives Act, 2005
  • The Regional Industrial Development Strategy (RIDS)
  • The National Industrial Development Framework