The North West Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT) led by MEC Galebekwe Tlhapi is taking a significant step towards accelerating economic growth in the province. A two-day strategic planning session being held in Pilanesberg serves as a springboard for this initiative.
The session brought together senior management from DEDECT and its agencies, including the North West Development Corporation, North West Parks and Tourism Board and the North West Gambling Board. The main objective of the session is to reflect on planning and progresses towards the department’s established targets contained within the Annual Performance Plan (APP) for 2024/25, and ensure alignment to this by all entities. This collaborative approach, championed by MEC Galebekwe Virginia Tlhapi, echoes best practices outlined in the National Development Plan 2030 for aligning departmental performance plans. By fostering clear communication and shared goals, DEDECT aims to streamline operations, avoid duplication of efforts, and ultimately deliver impactful services to the communities it serves.
MEC Tlhapi emphasized that it is critical for the department and its agencies to plan together through these types of sessions.” Through this unified approach, the department and its entities will complement each other by aligning and ensuring the delivery of high-impact services,“ said MEC Tlhapi. MEC further emphasised the importance of tailoring departmental plans to the unique needs of the North West Province, with a strong focus on its rural character. This ensures that service delivery targets are not only achievable but directly address the challenges and opportunities of our communities.
The planning session went beyond initial coordination and enaged strategic priorities with a direct impact on the provincial economy and job creation. Setting achievable targets was key to revitalize and strengthen the overall economic landscape of the North West. This economic upliftment will be pursued in tandem with ensuring a safe and protected environment, which DEDECT recognizes as crucial for long-term economic growth. Finally, fostering a thriving tourism sector is seen as vital for job creation and economic diversification in the province. These actions are connected and work together like a multi-pronged attack on economic challenges in the province.
The session further benefited from the participation of key stakeholders, such as the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE), the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), the Office of the Premier (OOP), and the Auditor-General South Africa (AGSA). This ensured the accuracy of targets and priorities, leading to a more aligned plan. Ultimately, this collaborative effort will result in a strategic focus on achieving departmental and agency targets that are well-matched with the needs of the province.
Ms. Lebogang Diale, Acting Head of Department, urged management to ensure the Annual Performance Plan (APP) reflects the department’s current efforts. She underscored the need for the APP to be an effective tool in tackling service delivery issues, aligning with the department’s established targets.
This session, coupled with a focus on rural development and clear economic goals, will position the North West Province for a promising future and a real drive to ultimately eliminate inequality, poverty, and high levels of unemployment.

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