Moses Kotane Thuntsha Lerole Recap: SMME’s empowered through Service Delivery Programme

On the 20th April, Four (4) SMMEs in the Moses Kotane Municipality, Bee Mobile Spar Parlour, Black Rose Couture, Marakanelo Travel Tourism and Events, and Sparkle Bubbles Hair Salon, received much needed business equipment after having applied to be assisted through DEDECT. The equipment handover, sponsored by the NWDC took place today at the agency industrial park in Madikwe Village. DEDECT MEC Virginia Tlhapi accompanied by MEC Viola Motsumi and Moses Kotane Mayor Cllr Ralesole Diale officiated the handing over of equipment alongside NWDC CEO Mojalefa Nale and NWGB Acting CEO Moeketsi Senqhi during the Accelerated Service Delivery Programme – Thuntsha Lerole.
MEC Tlhapi addressing the beneficiaries emphasized the importance of taking care of the equipment noting the limited resources available for assistance. She reminded the beneficiaries that the government through this business support programme aims to foster business growth and sustainability, enabling job creation and economic development within the province.
As part of today’s Thuntsha Lerole programme, DEDECT further donated wheelie bins to Mmamorope Primary in Seshibitswe Village and Mosome Primary in Pella Village promoting waste management and environmental sustainability within schools.
The DEDECT Programme also included joint business compliance inspections and awareness roadshows which started on Wednesday, 17th April 2024 reaching out to many businesses in Tlokweng, Pella, Seshibitswe and local schools.
Municipal Health Inspectors enforced strict regulatory standards on non-compliant tuck shops addressing issues such as poor hygiene, improper price display, sale of expired/dented food items and inadequate labelling. Liquor outlets found to be violating the National Liquor Act also received notices of noncompliance.
Tourist officials on the other hand conducted inspections around Pilanesberg National Park, issuing noncompliance notices to tour guide establishments lacking competency certificates or renewal of registration status.
NWGB officials during the inspection registered two cases at Madikwe Police Station against Ethiopian nationals operating tuck shops, for possessing gambling equipment without authorisation or a license, violating Sec 82 of the North West Gambling Act 2 of 2001. The illegal gambling machines found in these tuck shops were confiscated.

MEC Virginia Tlhapi Addresses Challenges Faced by Golden Leopard Resort (GLR)

MEC for DEDECT Virginia Tlhapi led a crucial meeting on 3 April 2024 with DEDECT Senior Managers and the Management of Bakgatla Gate Resort under the Golden Leopard Resort (GLR) at Bakgatla Gate in the Moses Kotane Local Municipality.

The primary objective was to address the challenges confronting the Golden Leopard Resort, with a particular focus on preventing potential discord among employees, unions, and management regarding salary issues. Through these efforts, the MEC aims to ensure a smooth operational process while developing a sustainable program for GLR.

Amongst the issues discussed was the recent devastating fire within GLR at the Pilanesberg National Park, which caused significant damage. The challenges stemming from the fire include the impact on infrastructure and the urgent need for resort refurbishment.

These difficulties have led to budget constraints, resulting in decreased visitor numbers and challenges in meeting staff salaries. Despite this setback, the meeting discussed concerted efforts to address the situation. MEC Tlhapi, alongside resort management and DEDECT Senior Managers, are actively strategizing to formulate a comprehensive recovery plan.

The Chief Financial Office, along with GLR and the North West Parks & Tourism Board, have all committed to collaborating on implementing this plan in phases. The MEC emphasized that the next meeting with GLR will involve affected unions.

Acknowledging the critical role of the tourism sector in the North West province’s economy, the department reiterates its steadfast commitment to supporting the resort’s recovery efforts.

DEDECT Sets Course for Economic Growth Through Collaborative Planning Session

The North West Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT) led by MEC Galebekwe Tlhapi is taking a significant step towards accelerating economic growth in the province. A two-day strategic planning session being held in Pilanesberg serves as a springboard for this initiative.
The session brought together senior management from DEDECT and its agencies, including the North West Development Corporation, North West Parks and Tourism Board and the North West Gambling Board. The main objective of the session is to reflect on planning and progresses towards the department’s established targets contained within the Annual Performance Plan (APP) for 2024/25, and ensure alignment to this by all entities. This collaborative approach, championed by MEC Galebekwe Virginia Tlhapi, echoes best practices outlined in the National Development Plan 2030 for aligning departmental performance plans. By fostering clear communication and shared goals, DEDECT aims to streamline operations, avoid duplication of efforts, and ultimately deliver impactful services to the communities it serves.
MEC Tlhapi emphasized that it is critical for the department and its agencies to plan together through these types of sessions.” Through this unified approach, the department and its entities will complement each other by aligning and ensuring the delivery of high-impact services,“ said MEC Tlhapi. MEC further emphasised the importance of tailoring departmental plans to the unique needs of the North West Province, with a strong focus on its rural character. This ensures that service delivery targets are not only achievable but directly address the challenges and opportunities of our communities.
The planning session went beyond initial coordination and enaged strategic priorities with a direct impact on the provincial economy and job creation. Setting achievable targets was key to revitalize and strengthen the overall economic landscape of the North West. This economic upliftment will be pursued in tandem with ensuring a safe and protected environment, which DEDECT recognizes as crucial for long-term economic growth. Finally, fostering a thriving tourism sector is seen as vital for job creation and economic diversification in the province. These actions are connected and work together like a multi-pronged attack on economic challenges in the province.
The session further benefited from the participation of key stakeholders, such as the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE), the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (DTIC), the Office of the Premier (OOP), and the Auditor-General South Africa (AGSA). This ensured the accuracy of targets and priorities, leading to a more aligned plan. Ultimately, this collaborative effort will result in a strategic focus on achieving departmental and agency targets that are well-matched with the needs of the province.
Ms. Lebogang Diale, Acting Head of Department, urged management to ensure the Annual Performance Plan (APP) reflects the department’s current efforts. She underscored the need for the APP to be an effective tool in tackling service delivery issues, aligning with the department’s established targets.
This session, coupled with a focus on rural development and clear economic goals, will position the North West Province for a promising future and a real drive to ultimately eliminate inequality, poverty, and high levels of unemployment.


MEC for the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism led by Mme Galobekwe Virginia Tlhapi, hosted a Tourism Stakeholder Engagement Session at Royal Marang Hotel in Rustenburg, Bojanala District. The purpose of the session was to solicit inputs towards the finalization of the North West Provincial Tourism Sector Strategy. This approach seeks to provide an insightful platform for the development of a sustainable and thriving tourism sector, benefiting both formal and informal businesses, local communities, and industry players which ultimately will result in economic growth across the four districts.
The engagement welcomed esteemed industry players, including tour operators, game rangers, tour guides, luxury accommodation establishments, and wildlife/adventure enthusiasts. Both local and provincial governments participated in the proceedings, marking a united front to address challenges faced by tourism product owners in the province.
Given North West’s nature-based and rural character, it presents a unique opportunity to explore diverse tourism offerings in unspoiled, tranquil natural habitats. The call for partnership and collaboration among travel agencies and tour operators to promote packaged tours and experiences regionally is underscored.
Furthermore, there was an emphasis on encouraging the development of high-quality and diverse accommodation options to cater to different traveler preferences, from luxury resorts to budget accommodations and eco-friendly lodges.
Speaking on tourism contribution to the economy MEC Tlhapi emphasized the importance of Public Private Partnerships as it allows stakeholders to participate in the finalization of the Provincial Tourism Sector strategy to achieve common goals and interests of reducing the rate of unemployment faced by the province. She also highlighted that big businesses need to offer support to emerging and existing small businesses as they play a big role in the economy and society.
“As department we encourage our SMMEs to actively participate in the improving local economies. Let us strengthen our working relationship for the benefit of the future generation and achieve the goals of the National Development Plan (NDP).
MEC Tlhapi urged the department to continue with the implementation of the Tourism Safety Plan to minimize attacking of tourists by criminals within N4 and R556 routes.
In her closing remarks she pointed out that the province will host “Bojanala Lekgotla as build up to National Tourism indaba as well as intensifying its efforts of ensuring transformation within the tourism industry for the benefit of SMMEs within all the districts of the province.

MEC Virginia Tlhapi appoints Mojalefa Nale as NWDC CEO

COOKES LAKE, MAHIKENG – MEC Virginia Tlhapi, responsible for the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism (DEDECT), officially introduced Mr Mojalefa Nale as the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for the North West Development Corporation. (NWDC).
The announcement was made during a special Board Meeting of the NWDC Board of Directors and the executive management of both Department and NWDC recently.
In her address, MEC Tlhapi expressed appreciation to the agency’s Acting CEO, Mr Kabelo Mafokwane, and the board of directors for maintaining the agency’s stability until the appointment of the new term of office of the NWDC CEO. She commended the Board and Management for diligently ensuring the CEO position had been advertised and filled.
MEC Tlhapi highlighted Mr Nale’s familiarity with the province, NWDC, and the Department, citing his previous roles as the acting Head of the Department, Chief Director for the department’s Integrated Economic Development Services, and former CEO of the NWDC, among others.
Mr Mojalefa Nale brings with him passion, enthusiasm and a wealth of experience and knowledge in economic development, leadership and the socio-economic landscape of the North West Province.
Mr Nale is a former CEO and former Acting Chief Operations Officer of the NWDC. He served as the seconded CEO of Invest North West during 2012/13, where he was instrumental in the successful amalgamation of the NWDC, Mahikeng Industrial Development Zone (MIDZ) and former Invest North West into one economic development agency for the North West Province.
Mr Nale holds an MSc in Macro Economic Policy and Planning in Developing Countries from the University of Bradford (UK), a Diploma in Development Economics from the University of Bradford and a Certificate Programme in Law from UNISA, to highlight a few.
Considering his vast experience, MEC Tlhapi urged Mr Nale and the NWDC Board to continue the agency’s efforts to sustain its operations and enhance revenue collection for the province.
“I trust that the board and the management of both the agency and the department will give Mr Nale all the support he needs to revitalize the NWDC. I am relying on you to ensure the NWDC succeeds in its mandate of growing the economy of the North West Province,” MEC Tlhapi emphasized.
Mr Nale o resumed his term of office on the 2nd January 2024, thanked MEC Tlhapi and the NWDC Board of Directors for entrusting him with the responsibility of leading the agency’s administrative operations. He accepted the challenge outlined by the MEC and pledged that the NWDC would do everything in its power to realize its mandate of developing and growing the economy for the betterment of the people of North West Province.
Issued by the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism
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Departmental Spokesperson,
Mr Jerry Matebesi
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DEDECT Inducts 113 Youth Data Capturers to Strengthen Business Licensing Compliance

The Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation & Tourism (DEDECT) has inducted 113 youth Data Capturers to bolster efforts to consolidate and update the North West Business Licensing Database. The two-day workshop, held at Rustenburg Kloof Resort from 15 – 16 November 2023, provided comprehensive training on the roles and responsibilities of Data Capturers, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively fulfil their duties.
MEC Galebekwe Virginia Tlhapi addressed the Data Capturers with a sense of encouragement and appreciation for their willingness to take on the responsibility of making a positive change in their communities by identifying and addressing illegal tuckshops that operate without licenses or use fraudulent documents.
MEC Tlhapi explained how this initiative will help to combat criminal activities and ensure that all businesses in the province are operating legally and ethically. She emphasized that the Data Capturers will play a crucial role in this process by visiting every business outlet in their assigned areas, and conducting thorough checks to verify their licenses and compliance with regulations.
“Our province is plagued by illegal tuckshops that are not registered and operating without the necessary licences. As the department responsible for regulating businesses, we need assistance in identifying and registering these outlets. This is why we are here today, conducting this induction and workshop, to make sure that everyone involved in this operation has a clear vision and understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve,” MEC Virginia stated.
Ms. Onnicah Sithole, DEDECT’s Chief Director for Business Regulations, also highlighted the importance of this initiative, emphasizing the critical role that the Data Capturers will play in ensuring compliance with the North West Business Licensing Act No. 03 of 2019. “The appointments of these Data Capturers will significantly enhance our ability to verify that all businesses operating within the province are duly licensed with their respective municipalities,” Ms. Sithole stated.
The Data Capturers, who have been appointed for a one-year term, will be responsible for ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, and escalating any non-compliance issues to the Department’s regulatory divisions.
“We have implemented stringent monitoring mechanisms to oversee the daily activities of our Data Capturers,” Ms. Sithole explained. “They are required to submit weekly reports to their management teams for consolidation and subsequent submission to the department. This will enable us to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date business licensing database, allowing us to effectively regulate business operations within the province.”
DEDECT urges all business owners to collaborate with the Data Capturers to ensure seamless compliance with the North West Business Licensing Act. By working together, businesses can contribute to a well-regulated business environment that fosters growth and economic prosperity in the North West Province.

Local Economic Development Roadshow Drives Progress in Moses Kotane Local Municipality:

In a dynamic partnership, the Department of Economic Development, Environment, and Conservation (DEDECT) has collaborated with the Moses Kotane Municipality to kickstart a Local Economic Development (LED) roadshow, aimed at propelling economic growth within the region on the 6 November 2023. This initiative, which was launched in Obakeng Village in Dwarsberg is a vital platform for promoting awareness of the government’s long-term plans for business support and local economic expansion. The ultimate goal is to empower community members with the knowledge and resources necessary to sustain and grow their businesses, thereby fostering a thriving business environment and promoting entrepreneurship in the area.
The primary objective of this roadshow is to illuminate the government’s initiatives and strategies for local economic development, business support, and its vision for long-term economic growth within the municipality. It also aims to equip community members with the information and tools required to ensure the sustainability of their businesses. Furthermore, it seeks to engage with local residents, businesses, and organizations to identify opportunities and address challenges within the community.
The roadshow features an array of informative sessions facilitated by DEDECT officials, with topics covering compliance with the Empowerment Fund, company registrations, annual returns, and cooperative establishment. The Empowerment Fund, in particular, is a pivotal component of the department’s intervention strategy, designed to facilitate access to enterprise funding by procuring equipment and machinery for startups, as well as supporting the growth and expansion of existing enterprises. This, in turn, creates job opportunities and contributes to poverty alleviation. To qualify for the Empowerment Fund, applicants must operate a legally registered business and be residents of the North West Province.
The roadshow has made its way to various locations within the Moses Kotane Municipality, including Dwarsberg, Brakkuil, Kraalhoek, Lugkraal, Mogwase, and concluded its journey at Mabieskraal. Throughout its course, the roadshow has provided a unique opportunity for community members to directly engage with DEDECT and municipal representatives. This interaction has empowered them to seek information and answers to their questions directly from the relevant authorities, fostering a sense of transparency and collaboration.
The Local Economic Development Roadshow in Moses Kotane Local Municipality represents a significant commitment on the part of DEDECT and local authorities to transform Local Economic Development into a tangible reality. This collaborative effort is a crucial step towards empowering the local community, enhancing economic growth, and building a more prosperous and sustainable future for all residents. With the knowledge and resources shared during this roadshow, residents of Moses Kotane Municipality are better equipped to thrive in their businesses and, in turn, contribute to the growth and development of the region.


The Department of Economic Development Environment Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT) in the North West Province would like to inform the public about the fire outbreak that gutted Sun Citys Cabanas Hotel and Manyane Resort on the 16th September 2023 at Mogwase, Moses Kotane sub-district.

According to Sun City General Manager Mr. Brett Hoppe, a fire broke out in the Cabanas Hotel kitchen at about 2.30pm on Saturday afternoon, the staff noticed a small fire which they extinguished, but it had already spread through the extraction ventilation to the reception area. In a separate incident, Manyane Resort also suffered the same fate of fire outbreak. There were no injuries reported in the two incidents and DEDECT as a custodian of tourism in the province is working closely with the management of Cabanas Hotel and Manyane Resort to establish the root cause of the fire outbreak.

These unfortunate incidents happens during the Tourism Month when the North West Province is preparing itself to host the World Tourism Day from the 26th – 27th of September 2023. It is equally important to indicate that the fire outbreak in Sun City happens immediately after the North West Government held a successful Premiers Investor Dinner. The importance of the tourism sector in the economy of the North West Province cannot be overemphasised as such, MEC Virginia Tlhapi is working hand in glove with the management of Sun City and Manyane Resort to try and normalize the situation.

The Manyane Resort is currently closed until further notice. However, the Park Mahala Week Programme which started from the 10th -17th September 2023 is continuing in other parks of the province.


Issued by the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation and Tourism (DEDECT) For media enquiries please contact:

Departmental Spokesperson

Mr. Jerry Matebesi Cell


North West Provincial Government through DEDECT is yet again taking centre stage at the Organic and Natural Products Expo Africa, thereby ensuring that its SMMEs and Cooperatives are not being left behind, but claiming their space in this Africa’s biggest trade fairs which is taking place from 14 – 16 September 2023 at the Sandton Convention Centre, Johannesburg.

The department in this edition of the Organic and Natural Products Expo Africa, has afforded 9 enterprises from the province an opportunity to showcase their self-manufactured organic and natural products to local and international buyers and potential investors.

The enterprises supported by DEDECT for this trade fair include Luscious Agro Processing Secondary Cooperative (Palesa Memane), Shalama Cooperative (Salvation Kgobe), Eden Roots, Tshego M Creation, Lefakong Moringa, business_yourhighness, House Of Bliss, Mosadi Temo Organics , and Nitringo’s Trading (Kenalemang Mooketsi). This initiative forms part of the departmental ‘Access to Market Programme’, which aims to advance economic growth by creating an enabling environment for the development and growth of sustainable SMMEs. These market exposure opportunities the department creates also seek to ensure contribution to economic growth, and job creation through supporting SMMEs and Cooperatives.

Officials from the departmental Biodiversity Management as the custodians of Bioprospecting and Biotrade in the province are also providing support to the SMMEs by engaging them as part of their responsibility, on the importance of compliance with the Bioprospecting, Access and Benefit Sharing Regulations (2007) of the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) Act 10 of 2004.

Compliance with the regulations is necessary for businesses in the organic and natural products trading industry, as this opens up a gateway to international exports and a bigger market share for those involved with the use of indigenous biological resources.

The Organic & Natural Products Expo Africa which is in collaboration with the African Biotrade Festival, is a distinctive trade fair on the African continent, devoted exclusively to organic and natural products. The Expo is of considerable importance as it fosters the development and exchange of organic and natural products in a region with immense potential for sustainable growth. The exhibition platform features a wide array of product categories, including food and beverages, ingredients and raw materials, health foods, dietary supplements, and speciality foods, as well as cosmetics and hygiene products, beauty and personal care items, household goods, and organic gardening. Apart from the exhibition, numerous activities such as demonstrations, consultations, workshops, and special events are planned and aimed at benefiting enterprises.

SMMEs in manufacturing and interested to participate in these trade fairs are invited to call the department on 018 388 6004 or email their company details including the sector to to be included on the database.

Empowering Communities and Creating Opportunities: Eden Roots’ Fight against Poverty and Unemployment.

As the world celebrates Women’s Month, the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism is excited to introduce a remarkable woman, Ms. Metsana Kojane who is making a tangible difference in her community. A farmer and manufacturer, she is a passionate and the driving force behind Eden Roots Pty Ltd, situated in Tloung Village in Mahikeng. The journey of Eden Roots began in 2013 when she discovered bees in an old borehole containing a hidden beehive, sparking the inspiration that would lead to the official registration of the business in 2015.

Metsana Kojane’s story is one of realization and action. Her personal experience shed light on a significant gap in South Africa’s agricultural landscape: a lack of farmers specializing in indigenous herbs and beekeeping. This void translated into a scarcity of related products, creating an opportunity that Kojane was determined to seize. Her vision extended beyond merely starting a business – she aimed to contribute to environmental preservation and enhance food security through sustainable beekeeping practices and the cultivation of natural healing herbs.
Recognizing her dedication and impact, Metsana Kojane was honoured with the Seed Low Carbon Award in 2021, a testament to her remarkable contributions to the agricultural sector. Eden Roots was established with the dual purpose of fostering environmental conservation and ensuring food security, achieved through the cultivation of indigenous herbs and the production of natural healing products, propolis tincture, dead bees tincture, ointments, cough mixture, and asthma syrup.
In its initial stages, Eden Roots operated with a team of only five employees and around 60 beehives. Despite the humble beginnings, the company managed to produce an impressive 990kg of raw honey and propolis. However, the local and international demand for these products swiftly outpaced the available supply.
Kojane’s strategic approach led her to secure a spot in international markets through national exhibition platforms. To meet the surging demand, she began sourcing raw honey and propolis from local beekeepers, while tirelessly researching and innovating to refine her products and introduce new remedies, all tailored to meet the evolving needs of her customers.
Metsana Kojane, the visionary behind Eden Roots, embarked on a journey to secure the necessary resources for her business’s growth. With an unwavering spirit, she reached out to the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism’s Empowerment Fund Programme to seek funding for essential equipment. Her application was successful and received 100 Langstroth standard beehives, which consist of components like brood chambers, super chambers, bottom boards, inner lids, top lids, super frames with eyelets, wire, and wax sheets, as well as brood frames.

Expressing her gratitude for this crucial support, Metsana emphasized that it marked a turning point for her company, enabling her to not only sustain its growth but also explore new market segments, fulfilling previously unmet customer demands. With escalating demand for their products at local, national, and international levels, Eden Roots is poised for expansion, aiming to become a leading supplier of South African honey products and other natural offerings in both wholesale and retail markets.
What sets Eden Roots apart is its commitment to producing strictly natural products, devoid of contamination or harmful chemicals. Moreover, the company’s unique positioning within a 200 km radius, without direct competitors in the raw honey and by-products sector, highlights its innovative edge.
Reflecting on her journey, Metsana Kojane shared her path to becoming a beneficiary, highlighting her meticulous attention to detail by submitting all necessary documents as indicated in the advert and this resulted in the business getting positive feedback from the department. Her success story echoes the sentiment of perseverance and collaboration, acknowledging the support of the Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism department and the local customers who have rallied behind her range of products.
Happy Mokone, Director of Enterprise Development, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, empowering women, and ultimately boosting the country’s economy. In alignment with these objectives, the Department firmly believes that its interventions, combined with the dedication of businesses like Eden Roots, will contribute to eradicating poverty by creating jobs and expanding economic opportunities.
This endeavour isn’t just about Eden Roots; it’s part of a larger effort. In a time when small businesses are poised to drive economic growth, combat unemployment, and promote inclusivity, Metsana Kojane’s journey stands as a shining example of what individual passion and collective efforts can achieve.
As Women’s Month celebrates the spirit of resilience and progress, Eden Roots embodies the very essence of empowerment, promising a brighter future not just for its community, but for the entire nation. In the ethos of Eden Roots, the seeds of empowerment, growth, and progress have been sown, inspiring a future that holds promise for all.


Issued by the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism
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Mr Jerry Matebesi (DEDECT Spokesperson)
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