The Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism (DEDECT) has undertaken a comprehensive study aimed at identifying lucrative export opportunities for businesses operating in the North West Province. In line with this endeavor, the Department recently organized information dissemination workshops in the Bojanala and Dr. Kenneth Kaunda District Municipalities, respectively. The purpose of these sessions was to have an engagement with existing and emerging exporters, present the research findings, and provide a platform for valuable input and perspectives on the identified export prospects. These insights will contribute to the formulation of the North West Provincial Export Strategy.

The sessions were also designed to address the challenges faced by exporters in the province. Collaborating with the North West Development Corporation (NWDC) and the Department of Trade, Industry, and Competition (DTIC), the department aims to develop effective mechanisms to assist exporters in overcoming their challenges. Mr. Ishmael Kgokong, Chief Director for Economic Planning, Trade, and Sector Development in the department, emphasized the importance of prioritizing international trade to pave the way for export-led economic growth in the province.

“As part of our mandate, the Department is dedicated to fostering essential partnerships between the government and the private sector, creating a favorable environment for business success, and ultimately driving economic growth and job creation in the province. Through our study on North West Export Opportunities, we aim to support exporters within the bounds of our resources,” stated Kgokong.

Dr. Martin Cameron, Managing Director of Trade Research Advisory, a spinout company of North West University, delivered a comprehensive presentation on the strategic aspects of the export strategy and opportunities for the North West Province. He also highlighted the vital role exports play in economic growth and job creation.

Dr. Cameron’s presentation provided valuable insights into identifying realistic export opportunities. Key factors to consider include the size and growth trends of the target market’s economy, its wealth, and associated risks. Furthermore, the characteristics of the opportunities should account for factors such as the North West Province’s supply to the target market, geographic considerations, market import-demand size, and growth patterns.

The stakeholder determined, as part of the resolutions, that a provincial exporter forum should be established to support the government’s objective of forging partnerships with the business community and expanding the province’s exports in terms of markets and products. This effort is intended to increase the departmental exporter database.

Mr. Kgokong welcomed the proposal for a provincial exporter forum on behalf of the department and highlighted the importance of the business cluster development model, which fits with the government’s District Development Model (DDM). He stated that the government will facilitate the forum and the structure and direction of the forum will ultimately be chosen by businesses. Participants also advised the department to look into options to cut logistical costs for export items through shared container space, emphasizing the potential benefits for growing exporters.

These engagement workshops are intended to strengthen ties between the government and the business community while also improving the Department’s exporter database.

Finally, the Department encourages current and prospective exporters to participate in the upcoming inaugural forum, which will take place later this year. Attendees will receive additional information in the following weeks via direct contact. Those who were unable to attend the event are encouraged to contact the department via the email

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