As the world celebrates Women’s Month, the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism is excited to introduce a remarkable woman, Ms. Metsana Kojane who is making a tangible difference in her community. A farmer and manufacturer, she is a passionate and the driving force behind Eden Roots Pty Ltd, situated in Tloung Village in Mahikeng. The journey of Eden Roots began in 2013 when she discovered bees in an old borehole containing a hidden beehive, sparking the inspiration that would lead to the official registration of the business in 2015.

Metsana Kojane’s story is one of realization and action. Her personal experience shed light on a significant gap in South Africa’s agricultural landscape: a lack of farmers specializing in indigenous herbs and beekeeping. This void translated into a scarcity of related products, creating an opportunity that Kojane was determined to seize. Her vision extended beyond merely starting a business – she aimed to contribute to environmental preservation and enhance food security through sustainable beekeeping practices and the cultivation of natural healing herbs.
Recognizing her dedication and impact, Metsana Kojane was honoured with the Seed Low Carbon Award in 2021, a testament to her remarkable contributions to the agricultural sector. Eden Roots was established with the dual purpose of fostering environmental conservation and ensuring food security, achieved through the cultivation of indigenous herbs and the production of natural healing products, propolis tincture, dead bees tincture, ointments, cough mixture, and asthma syrup.
In its initial stages, Eden Roots operated with a team of only five employees and around 60 beehives. Despite the humble beginnings, the company managed to produce an impressive 990kg of raw honey and propolis. However, the local and international demand for these products swiftly outpaced the available supply.
Kojane’s strategic approach led her to secure a spot in international markets through national exhibition platforms. To meet the surging demand, she began sourcing raw honey and propolis from local beekeepers, while tirelessly researching and innovating to refine her products and introduce new remedies, all tailored to meet the evolving needs of her customers.
Metsana Kojane, the visionary behind Eden Roots, embarked on a journey to secure the necessary resources for her business’s growth. With an unwavering spirit, she reached out to the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism’s Empowerment Fund Programme to seek funding for essential equipment. Her application was successful and received 100 Langstroth standard beehives, which consist of components like brood chambers, super chambers, bottom boards, inner lids, top lids, super frames with eyelets, wire, and wax sheets, as well as brood frames.

Expressing her gratitude for this crucial support, Metsana emphasized that it marked a turning point for her company, enabling her to not only sustain its growth but also explore new market segments, fulfilling previously unmet customer demands. With escalating demand for their products at local, national, and international levels, Eden Roots is poised for expansion, aiming to become a leading supplier of South African honey products and other natural offerings in both wholesale and retail markets.
What sets Eden Roots apart is its commitment to producing strictly natural products, devoid of contamination or harmful chemicals. Moreover, the company’s unique positioning within a 200 km radius, without direct competitors in the raw honey and by-products sector, highlights its innovative edge.
Reflecting on her journey, Metsana Kojane shared her path to becoming a beneficiary, highlighting her meticulous attention to detail by submitting all necessary documents as indicated in the advert and this resulted in the business getting positive feedback from the department. Her success story echoes the sentiment of perseverance and collaboration, acknowledging the support of the Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism department and the local customers who have rallied behind her range of products.
Happy Mokone, Director of Enterprise Development, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurship, empowering women, and ultimately boosting the country’s economy. In alignment with these objectives, the Department firmly believes that its interventions, combined with the dedication of businesses like Eden Roots, will contribute to eradicating poverty by creating jobs and expanding economic opportunities.
This endeavour isn’t just about Eden Roots; it’s part of a larger effort. In a time when small businesses are poised to drive economic growth, combat unemployment, and promote inclusivity, Metsana Kojane’s journey stands as a shining example of what individual passion and collective efforts can achieve.
As Women’s Month celebrates the spirit of resilience and progress, Eden Roots embodies the very essence of empowerment, promising a brighter future not just for its community, but for the entire nation. In the ethos of Eden Roots, the seeds of empowerment, growth, and progress have been sown, inspiring a future that holds promise for all.


Issued by the Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation, and Tourism
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