The Department of Economic Development, Environment, Conservation & Tourism (DEDECT) has inducted 113 youth Data Capturers to bolster efforts to consolidate and update the North West Business Licensing Database. The two-day workshop, held at Rustenburg Kloof Resort from 15 – 16 November 2023, provided comprehensive training on the roles and responsibilities of Data Capturers, equipping them with the necessary skills to effectively fulfil their duties.
MEC Galebekwe Virginia Tlhapi addressed the Data Capturers with a sense of encouragement and appreciation for their willingness to take on the responsibility of making a positive change in their communities by identifying and addressing illegal tuckshops that operate without licenses or use fraudulent documents.
MEC Tlhapi explained how this initiative will help to combat criminal activities and ensure that all businesses in the province are operating legally and ethically. She emphasized that the Data Capturers will play a crucial role in this process by visiting every business outlet in their assigned areas, and conducting thorough checks to verify their licenses and compliance with regulations.
“Our province is plagued by illegal tuckshops that are not registered and operating without the necessary licences. As the department responsible for regulating businesses, we need assistance in identifying and registering these outlets. This is why we are here today, conducting this induction and workshop, to make sure that everyone involved in this operation has a clear vision and understanding of the goals we are trying to achieve,” MEC Virginia stated.
Ms. Onnicah Sithole, DEDECT’s Chief Director for Business Regulations, also highlighted the importance of this initiative, emphasizing the critical role that the Data Capturers will play in ensuring compliance with the North West Business Licensing Act No. 03 of 2019. “The appointments of these Data Capturers will significantly enhance our ability to verify that all businesses operating within the province are duly licensed with their respective municipalities,” Ms. Sithole stated.
The Data Capturers, who have been appointed for a one-year term, will be responsible for ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements, and escalating any non-compliance issues to the Department’s regulatory divisions.
“We have implemented stringent monitoring mechanisms to oversee the daily activities of our Data Capturers,” Ms. Sithole explained. “They are required to submit weekly reports to their management teams for consolidation and subsequent submission to the department. This will enable us to maintain a comprehensive and up-to-date business licensing database, allowing us to effectively regulate business operations within the province.”
DEDECT urges all business owners to collaborate with the Data Capturers to ensure seamless compliance with the North West Business Licensing Act. By working together, businesses can contribute to a well-regulated business environment that fosters growth and economic prosperity in the North West Province.

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