In a dynamic partnership, the Department of Economic Development, Environment, and Conservation (DEDECT) has collaborated with the Moses Kotane Municipality to kickstart a Local Economic Development (LED) roadshow, aimed at propelling economic growth within the region on the 6 November 2023. This initiative, which was launched in Obakeng Village in Dwarsberg is a vital platform for promoting awareness of the government’s long-term plans for business support and local economic expansion. The ultimate goal is to empower community members with the knowledge and resources necessary to sustain and grow their businesses, thereby fostering a thriving business environment and promoting entrepreneurship in the area.
The primary objective of this roadshow is to illuminate the government’s initiatives and strategies for local economic development, business support, and its vision for long-term economic growth within the municipality. It also aims to equip community members with the information and tools required to ensure the sustainability of their businesses. Furthermore, it seeks to engage with local residents, businesses, and organizations to identify opportunities and address challenges within the community.
The roadshow features an array of informative sessions facilitated by DEDECT officials, with topics covering compliance with the Empowerment Fund, company registrations, annual returns, and cooperative establishment. The Empowerment Fund, in particular, is a pivotal component of the department’s intervention strategy, designed to facilitate access to enterprise funding by procuring equipment and machinery for startups, as well as supporting the growth and expansion of existing enterprises. This, in turn, creates job opportunities and contributes to poverty alleviation. To qualify for the Empowerment Fund, applicants must operate a legally registered business and be residents of the North West Province.
The roadshow has made its way to various locations within the Moses Kotane Municipality, including Dwarsberg, Brakkuil, Kraalhoek, Lugkraal, Mogwase, and concluded its journey at Mabieskraal. Throughout its course, the roadshow has provided a unique opportunity for community members to directly engage with DEDECT and municipal representatives. This interaction has empowered them to seek information and answers to their questions directly from the relevant authorities, fostering a sense of transparency and collaboration.
The Local Economic Development Roadshow in Moses Kotane Local Municipality represents a significant commitment on the part of DEDECT and local authorities to transform Local Economic Development into a tangible reality. This collaborative effort is a crucial step towards empowering the local community, enhancing economic growth, and building a more prosperous and sustainable future for all residents. With the knowledge and resources shared during this roadshow, residents of Moses Kotane Municipality are better equipped to thrive in their businesses and, in turn, contribute to the growth and development of the region.

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